Fusion Mushroom bars has a stand as one of the best shroom bars in the market. We are fusion bars official and the official website for  fusion shroom bars. Being able to compete with big and much more established brands such as Mr Mushies and one up mushroom only speaks more to the quality of our shroom bars. Fusion originally began making 4 grams and 6 grams chocolate bars, however the Fusion shroom bar.


Mushroom Chocolate Bars We have over 30 dIfferent fusion bars flavors. There is definitely something for everyone. Our fusion chocolate mushroom are quite unique from other chocolate bars due to their healing factor and intense trip. Fusion bars though we are still new in the market but are currently among the top 5 most sort after mushroom chocolate bars. This is speaks well of the quality of our Fusion bars.



Fusion and whole melts disposable are a new collab to the psychedelic bars industry but we believe that we can become the very best. Fusion bars official is made up of mushroom enthusiast who not only grow these magic mushrooms but also consume it strongly. That is why we took time to create a chocolate bar that was going to solve a lot of problems mushroom users had being facing. A few of these issues include the bitter taste of shrooms and the use of low quality chocolate. We at fusion shroom bars have crafted a mushroom chocolate bar with the highest quality chocolates you can find in the market but also some of the most potent mushroom strains.

Fusion Mushroom Bars

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Fusion chocolate bars, are like your favorite shroom bars such as one up mushroom bars and polkadot bars. Fusion started off making both 4 gram and 6 gram bars. However, the 4 gram bars were discontinued. Our shroom bars are made from functional magic mushrooms such as Reishi which benefits are well documented. Our bars also contain Chamomile, L-Theanine, Magnesium and zinc which all have numerous health benefits and also makes us stand out from the other mushroom chocolate bars. What makes fusion bars so special is the taste of our chocolate bars. We have very unique flavors made with very high quality chocolates

Each chocolate bar contains about 4-6 grams per bar

Fusion x Whole Melt 2g Disposable